Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation for Projects

Whether you have a large upcoming project or a small one, you need the right people to get it moving and delivered on time, on budget, and as promised.  

When you’re faced with time-sensitive IT deliverables or seasonal fluctuations, staff augmentation allows you to quickly expand your team with the additional skill sets necessary for the specific time frame needed.  A temporary workforce protects your permanent staff, reduces your cost of doing business, and most importantly provides a much-needed resource. TST has skilled field technicians that can meet the needs of companies for projects needing extra staffing.   

Our team of engineers are equipped to handle: 

  • IT services
  • Technology deployments 
  • And much more 

TST’s Temporary Workforce Staffing Services: 

TST works with OEMS, Resellers, Vars, and Equipment Manufacturers extensively to figure out what type of solution will work best to fulfill their needs. Based on your business processes and your existing staff members, our team will provide a customized proposal with the short-term staffing structure best suited for your needs. 


Our staff augmentation services provide the following: 

  • W-2 Full Time Field Engineers in the United States and Canada 
  • Dedicated project management and standardized processes 
  • Hardware integration, installation, upgrades and refreshes 
  • Device imaging, software installs and upgrades 
  • Equipment swaps, asset tagging and inventory management 

TST field engineers are W-2 employees with coverage throughout the United States and Canada. They have electro-mechanical skill sets that include in-depth training and an average of 16 years of technical experience. 

Their skill sets include: 

  • Staff Badging and credentialing  
  • Technical troubleshooting 
  • Ability to read and interpret electrical and mechanical drawings 
  • Ability to use test equipment, calibrating equipment and electronics 
  • Basic logic competency 
  • Solid-state circuitry electrical requirements 
  • IT system assembly and installation 
  • The goal of our process is to provide you with the augmented staff you need to meet the project objectives. 

Project Examples 

Complete Equipment Installations  

Vision Systems equipment manufacturer needed extra staff for equipment installations 

TST worked with the manufacturer to create a step by step installation guide for the field engineers.  The Field engineers were also trained by working alongside the manufacturers staff at several installations.  These installations include building tunnels over the conveyer systems, installing vision camera systems, as well as other equipment.  The typical installations can take one to two weeks.  TST staff continue to install new systems as needed.   


Swapping of Wireless Routers  

Large Retailer needed assistance in swapping out equipment at each of their retail locations 

A large retailer wanted to switch their 400 stores from WIFI to dedicated Sprint wireless internet.  Originally, they had their retail store personnel do the equipment swap but found it too complex for most store personnel. TST offered trained field engineers to go on site and remove the old hardware and install the new wireless hardware, magic boxes, routers and sim cards at each store location.  Working with the retailer, TST created a detailed installation guide for the field technicians so that each site would be consistent. The installation included the equipment installation and testing for speed and coverage. 


Lithium Battery Upgrade Replacement for Mobile Powered Workstations  

Mobile workstation manufacturer needed select lithium batteries replaced at customer’s site 

A mobile powered workstations manufacturer had select number of models that had been sold but needed the integrated lithium battery pack to be replaced. These batteries can weigh over 40 pounds and are built into the workstations so not easy to replace.  The manufacturer did not want the customers to have to replace the batteries.  TST was able to provide the staffing to go onsite at each customer location and replace the batteries, test them and send the defective ones back.  


PC and Printer Upgrades 

Need for multiple state coverage and quick turnaround 

Upgrades of software, configuration and testing for both PCs and printers for multiple customers. Projects have lasted a few days to a few weeks.  


Why TST for Your Staffing Needs 

Using a staff augmentation service is an outsourcing and business strategy, which managers use to staff a project and respond to business objectives. The technique consists of evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skills are required. Staff augmentation services help to leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers. 

  • Fulfills your need for special skills. 
  • Flexibility and quick response.  
  • Cost-savings to the hiring organization.  
  • Time-savings to the hiring organization.  

There is no better place to look for experienced technicians than TST. Our team has extensive experience and the skill set to support your project. 

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