TST 24 X 7 Call Center

Rapid Response to Meet Your Repair Requirements

Call Center Capabilities 

TST has a 24 X 7 call center to place service request calls and has the ability to be a resellers or manufacturers outsourced call center dispatching their service technicians.

The TST Call Center receives and processes service calls on our 1-888-849-0341 line, via email at service@tstservice.com  and our web based portal PRISM.  Our call center consists of highly trained helpdesk representatives, dispatchers, and technical support specialists.  TST’s helpdesk staff provides customer assistance by processing and dispatching the customer service engineers, offering first line support and problem resolution.

TST’s call center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The call dispatchers have access to service records and staff to ensure prompt service delivery and they follow a tiered escalation process documenting every customer request in our call management system. All escalations follow the managerial chain of command with automatic notifications. For onsite support calls, a service technician is dispatched based on the service level the customer selects.

Onsite Service call information is electronically transferred to our customer engineer’s cellular phone.  Important call information is available to our customer engineer within minutes.  This process allows us to connect to the customer with the touch of a button.  We respond to the customer and provide an ETA within one hour from the time we received the call.  We have designed our system to provide automatic escalation to management and technical support staff when key response metrics are at risk.

Service Call Flow 

TST will provide onsite repair and maintenance service during the maintenance period at the locations where the Equipment is located as per customers requirements.

  • Partners call 888-849-0341 and place a request for service, by providing equipment serial numbers.  The service entitlement and location is verified with the partner.  The problem is recorded in a “work-order” and the number is provided for reference.
  • For onsite service, TST will dispatch a Customer Service Engineer (CSE) to the end users site to perform the repair and maintenance services.  TST CSE’s carry a stock of trunk inventory specific to the printer under contract in their geographic area.
  • The CSE will contact end user or partner to confirm the problem and provide an arrival time.
  • Service calls will be provided within the time frame set forth by end users’ Service Level Agreement. –  Next day response
  • Once on site, the TST CSE will diagnose the problem and attempt to fix it at that time.  If they need to order parts or get additional information, they will let the end user know the status.  If they need to return another day to complete the repair, they will provide end user with an estimated arrival time and problem resolution.
  • If the CSE needs to order additional parts, they will call into the TST call center and place their request for parts, which are processed and ordered for next day drop delivery.
  • The CSE will communicate the status of the repair and maintenance service to end user and provide updates as needed.
  • Each CSE has access to TST’s Technical support center which is staffed with experts who will assist the CSE via the phone and who also have access to the equipment manufacturers technical support staffs to solve any unusual issues.
  • Once the CSE has completed the repair, they call into the TST call center and close out the work order, providing the complete details of the activity – the parts used, time it took to make the repair, the results of the repair, and the status if additional parts need to be ordered.  This information is logged into the work order in SAP.
  • Every effort is made to resolve the equipment problem on the first attempt.

Prism – Online Service Request Management Tool

Prism is a web-based, secure, automated platform that allows customers to submit requests for onsite support and depot repair and view their service activity electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the click of a mouse.  The system allows partners to submit equipment repair work orders online and view their work order history. This web portal is provided to our service contract customers for NO CHARGE.

Prism has the following features:

  • Enter a service request on-line
  • View equipment by work order, purchase order, serial number, model number or location
  • Check status of a service ticket
  • Multiple users allowed and password protected

Outsourcing Your Call Center Requirements to TST

We at TST understand service and the demands of call dispatching the correct service technician to the correct location.  We can provide call center support for your customer inbound service request calls and service technician dispatching services for your service operation.  Leverage our experience and talent.

TST’s goal is keeping your end users equipment in top working condition, giving them the best performance and uptime.  For more information about how a partnership with TST can complement your business strategy, call us at 800-365-8340 or email is info@tstservice.com.

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