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Strategic Service Partnerships Optimize Investments

Today many best-in-class companies sub-contract non-core activities and support functions in order to free resources for their core business. Services partnerships make sound business sense in light of overall goals to increase efficiency, reduce the duplication of effort, and improve delivery consistency.

Partnering offers cost efficiencies, effectively supports technology requirements, and addresses skills shortages by providing access to requisite talent – all without the need to pay, train and provide benefits. For IT, strategic service partnerships reduce the number of vendors to manage and minimize questions of accountability. Partnership with the right supplier – one who can supply a comprehensive spectrum of services and technologies – lets a company focus on its core competency and strategic business objectives while presenting a single “face” to customers.

Technical Services Team’s (TST) sole focus is on partnerships. Service is our only business.  TST allows resellers, VARS, OEM’s, manufacturers, outsourcers and service providers to expand their service support offerings and increase their revenue stream by offering their customers additional service options.

TST Resources Available to Our Service Partners

When you partner with TST we provide you with the following resources:

  • You pay only for the service that’s needed – Avoid infrastructure investments and planning. Capital expenditures for staffing, test equipment and vehicles are eliminated.
  • No spare parts inventory to manage – Manufacturers, OEMs, resellers and service providers can all minimize spare parts inventory by taking advantage of higher inventory levels that a TST can support through our high volume business.
  • Expand your geographic “reach” and to scale quickly to address new opportunities and customer needs. While it may only take six months to develop a new product, it can take three times that to put the service and support infrastructure in place. We can help to accelerate product roll-out for faster market growth and profitability.
  • Dedicated Service Sales Account Manager – TST offers each of its partners a dedicated service sales resource.  The TST account manager will assist with service quotes, pricing updates, joint customer visits, staff training and sales support on larger RFP’s.
  • Special Service Pricing – Each TST partner is given special discounted service pricing. The pricing covers hardware service pricing, zone charges, 24 X 7 coverage, special options for onsite repair service for over 30 manufacturers.
  • Partner Web Portal – Access to the TST Partner web portal where you will find a variety of sales resources, service delivery information, special pricing programs, marketing materials and more.
  • Marketing Support – TST provides a variety of marketing programs and marketing assistance.  Service sales training webinars, service selling tools for your staff, marketing collateral, end user customer focused webinars, customer letters and service program plans.

How Using TST’s Service Capabilities Can Benefit You

Services partnerships help you focus on your core mission while enhancing your brand image. Most important, services translate into competitive advantage:

  • Profitability: Services deliver a renewable revenue stream and margins that typically far exceed those on the products themselves. While new hardware or software can’t be sold into an account every day, services offer an ongoing “annuity” – a predictable revenue stream that is all the more essential in an uncertain economy. In addition, successful service relationships can drive long-term strategic business.
  • Customer Retention: It’s common knowledge that services play a key role in customer satisfaction and future buying behavior. Ongoing service relationships also increase interaction with the customer and supply input for future product development. And of course, every contact is an opportunity for additional products and services sales.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With increased product complexity, customers recognize the importance of services in realizing maximum benefit from their investments and reducing the risk of failed implementations.

Technical Services Team (TST) is one of North America’s largest independent multivendor third party service organizations. With years of experience and an exclusive focus on partnerships, TST has a proven track record of consistent delivery and high performance.  Let TST be your equipment repair partner of choice.

For more information about how a partnership with TST can complement your business strategy, call us at 800-365-8340 or email is

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